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Clean As Can Bee!! Has been serving North Carolina since 2006. We proudly provide services for over 200 customers. Clean As Can Bee!! Is locally owned and operated. We have locations in Greensboro NC & Charlotte NC while serving 21 surrounding cities. Our services are guaranteed and we have affordable services affordable to everyone on every budget. Call Us Today and let us take some of the load off. 

Here at Clean As Can Bee!! We feel that your home is your sanctuary. You should feel PEACE OF MIND in your home no matter what's in it. We all deserve to have a healthy environment.

We have busy lives as: Parents , Students, and Professionals. Who are trying to make life better for ourselves and loved ones. That's were Clean As Can Bee!! Wants to help make life a little easier for you.


Bee Choosey!

We know there are a lot of services out there that make you promises. Each one with its own level of service. All hoping for the privilege of serving you. We have 15 years experience in Cleaning & Customer Service.



Our Promise

Our Promise to you, is to UNDER sell & OVER deliver!! The promise of your trust is something we will never fail to appreciate or take for granted.


Eye For Detail

No doubt that details are essential. Which is why before your Clean Bee Team, steps foot in your home. We take the time with you and go over the details of each room.


Clean Bee Character

Our only objective is a happy customer. And we know that comes with a job well done. We are a cleaning AND organizing service. So what that means for you is not only will be clean your home. We will put things were they're supposed to bee!! No picking up stuff before we come. We can do it. We guarantee satisfaction from Bee-Gining to End. Services that start fantastic and remain that way through the long haul.





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