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When Policy is not signed prior to service. Any / All Payments made acknowledges acceptance of our policy and terms.


Monthly Customers: 38 days to clean!

To maintain a clean home and steady price. You will need to have cleanings done 38 days from last date of cleaning. EXAMPLE: IF THE LAST DATE YOU RECEIVED SERVICES (CLEANING) WAS JANUARY 1, YOUR NEXT CLEANING WILL NEED TO BE DONE NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 8TH. (IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN PRICE)IF! Service is not done within a 38 day period the Customer will have to pay the Initial / Standard price for service. A lot can happen with your home in a month. The more time passes. The more things build up. We want the opportunity to stay on top of it. (So please make sure to keep up with cleaning dates. We want you to maintain great service at a great price!) Same applies for bi-weekly clients / 21 day limit (Flat rate Customers ONLY)


Cancellations - Hourly:

Cancellations need to be made within 48 hours. If made in less time there will be a 50 %( of service price. If hourly / 3hr minimum) you will be given a cancellation number. If upon arrival of a scheduled cleaning, we cannot get in to home. There will be a ($ 25) fee to cover expenses.Rescheduling: Flat Rate Customers / Going on Vacation The price you were given was based on how often you receive services. If you go more then 3 days out when rescheduling you may be subject to a $25 fee. Cleanings missed during vacation may be charged $25 per missed cleaning or a new initial cleaning price.Service


Cancellations / Flat Rate:

Must be made within 1 service of final service: Bi-weekly (2weeks) Monthly (30days)Weekly (7days) If customer cancels service in a time less than, will be subject to a 100% of cleaning fee. Cancellations made in less time with no fee can only be made or approved by office. ” If you know your canceling service you need to do so before 7days/2weeks or 1 Month BEFORE your next cleaning, not incur a fee.” (Time would depend on type of service you receive)• Clean As Can Bee!! Reserves the right to draft any check (account) you have on file with us for any and all outstanding balances not paid after service termination.The Customer is responsible for all fees incurred while attempting to collect this fee. (Processing, court cost, filing, mailing, etc.)


Inclement Weather:

We reserve the right to cancel service or reschedule in the event of bad weather. We will notify you of cancellation thru text, call & our website.



 We appreciate full payment on the day of service. Payment by check should be left on the kitchen table for the Clean Bee Supervisor to pick up when the team arrives.* You may pay with Cash / Check / Credit CardONE TIME CUSTOMERS & 1ST CLEANING SERVICES/ CASH ONLY! / If policy hasn’t been signed. Receipt will be given apon payment* If payment needs to be picked up there is a $5.00 Additional Fee.* If must wait for payment. Customer will be billed hourly rate after 15minutes from completion of job.NSF Check Processing Policy: In the event that your check is returned unpaid or for insufficient funds or uncollected funds, we may electronically debit your account for the principal amount of the check. We may also generate a draft to debit your account for the service fee of $25.00 as allowed by law. We reserve the right to debit any check or credit card on file to retrieve unpaid services within 3 days after services rendered, unless other written arrangements were made.  Please call our office at least one business day in advance to schedule your additional needs.


OSHA Policy:

If someone in your home is receiving medication through injections, please inform us immediately. Due to OSHA regulations, special precautions must be taken for your own protection as well as for our reps.


Security Alarms:

If your home is equipped with a security system, please ensure that it is in an “off” unarmed position, prior to our arrival.


Customer Service:

Did we miss something? Let us fix it! Give us a call within 48 hours of service, and we will come back and re-clean the area of concern at no additional charge.


Laundry Services:

Not responsible for damage done to cloths, due to faulty iron. Giving excessive heat, mildew water from steam, etc



All online payments are subject to a Pay Pal fee. Fee varies on price of service. Pay Pal Fees are not refundable on all purchases.



C.A.C.B is not responsibility for damages when using cleaning supplies/products requested by client. C.A.C.B reserves the right to subcontract out work on additional services.



Not responsible for damage to any appliances (washer, dryer, stove, dishwasher-items owned by customers to perform services following customers instruction.) Will not use without instruction from customer first.


Home Security:

We do not take responsibility for home left unlocked at customers request or if another party is left in or around the home. Who is not the owner?


Phones & Doors:

We will not answer any doors or phones with out written permission from owner.


Gift Certificates:

Can be used up to 6 months from date of purchase.B.O.G.O: Pre-Purchased hours / can only receive 6 FREE pre-purchased at a time and purchase up to 1 a month. Appointments and or Purchase must be made within 5 days of use and no later then 6 months from purchase.



To avoid accidents, it would be helpful if you put away any valuables, collectibles, heirlooms, etc.


After Hours:

After hours rates are slightly higher then our regular rate


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