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"Clean As Can Bee helped organize my closet today because the thought of taking time was overwhelming me and I kept putting it off. I am so happy and thankful for the help. Very professional and I'll use them again for sure! =)"

 Facebook Review By Nicole Esposito Rafferty

The ladies from Clean as Can Bee!! Were so friendly and worked hard from the moment they arrived! I do think Amazon underestimated the amount of time needed to fully clean my home, but that is not at all the technicians fault, I just think they needed a little bit more time, which I'll definitely consider next time."

Amazon ratings  By Traci Shoemaker 

"It was a great experience - house is the cleanest it's ever been and Yolanda was incredibly friendly. Honestly the experience far exceeded even our most optimistic expectations."

Amazon ratings by Josh D. "JDDuVall" 

"I absolutely love their service! Shay has such a good spirit and completely understood what my home needed without me having to go into much detail...i thank God I finally found a house keeping service that i can trust and that provides superb service!"

Facebook review by Lakeeta Godsdiva


"This person (Miss G) was very polite, arrived 15 minutes early, and worked hard and non-stop in a very difficult environment. Our home had not been professionally cleaned in years. She did an exceptional job on our stainless steel stove and microwave making them look brand new. Miss G is a dedicated worker with a great work ethic. We highly recommend her."

Amazon ratings  By Grayrider 


"Very sweet ladies, positive and upbeat. I have had many maid service and they are the best. Home run!"

amazon ratings  By callysta 

"Very satisfied with the professionalism and work Shey and her partner provided. Very nice and out-going and my apartment is spotless! Will definitely use Shey's service again. Highly recommended!"

Amazon Review By By laurae80 

"Clean As Can Bee is the best! Great cleaning service. Very thorough and speedy! Everything she touches becomes sparkling! She not only cleans the house but also helps you organize it as she goes through it, which is a huge bonus. I have been using their service for months and absolutely love it!"

Facebook Review by Zhengzheng Wiley

"I'm am so thankful for Clean as can bee! Because of their team I was able to retain my focus, keep working on my year end projects and have a clean, beautiful home for Christmas! Thank you!!!"

Facebook Review by Lisa Santiago McNeil

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